Good News ! AAA Certificate of Enterprise Credit

In May 2022, Longvon Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the "AAA Certificate of Enterprise Credit". This indicates that our company has been recognized by relevant state departments and authoritative organizations in terms of standardized operation and honest operation. 


In the corporate credit rating, AAA is the highest level. It is a project aimed at promoting the law-abiding and honest operation of enterprises, promoting the construction of a social credit system in the whole society, and establishing an entrepreneurial integrity image and entrepreneurial spirit in the new era. It not only reflects the level of corporate credit, but also an important indicator system to measure corporate financial capabilities. This honor is a bonus item for the company's bidding activity credit, and it is a letter of commitment to provide new and old customers with credit in in-depth cooperation

Integrity is the foundation of a foothold, the eternal driving force for the survival and development of an enterprise, and a huge intangible asset and an enduring spiritual pillar for an enterprise and brand. Our company will take this honor as a starting point, continue to strengthen various basic management, and improve the company's reputation and professionalism. Committed to low-power Bluetooth IoT solutions, creating continuous value for new and old customers, and becoming a always-reliable business partner.

Post time: 05-21-2022