Longvon : Professional OEM/ODM Service Provider


Longvon has 5 years of professional smart solution development experience and a strong professional R&D team. The company has independently developed core function algorithms such as step counting, sleep, heart rate, ECG, body temperature, posture, blood pressure and blood oxygen, has a number of independently developed invention patents. Its products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC and other European and American certification, can provide customers with all-round smart wearable OEM / ODM customization services.

R&D Strength

R&D center: the R&D center has more than 10 software, hardware and other technology development teams, which adhere to the independent completion of all design and R&D links to ensure flexible response to customer requirements and efficient provision of solutions.

R&D Investment: continuous capital investment and continuous expansion of R & D talents make Longvon always maintain technological innovation and ensure the leading technology in the industry.

Smart Customized One-stop Service

Smart solution service: solution design and development, smart function realization.

Software and cloud services: MCU software development, mobile app development and computer cloud services.

Hardware services: PCBA control board development, circuit board design and production, MCU design and development.


OEM Services

Logo, Package Design, Bluetooth Name, UI, APP, Language.

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OED Services

API/SDK Connect, Mould Development, ID/MD Design, Product Function Development.

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Post time: 11-05-2022