Longvon Technology Successfully Participated in the 2023 Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition

April 16, 2023 “Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring 2023” concluded successfully at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China!Longvon Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition, showcasing a sleep breathing monitoring device – Smart Ring – customized for the healthcare industry, consolidating existing cooperative relationships, and discover a large number of potential customers, laying the groundwork for opening up new markets.
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The exhibition has a strong lineup, the exhibition area of this year’s conference is 70,000 square meters, and have 4,000 international standard exhibition spaces, assemblage of heroes, nearly 92,000 domestic and foreign professional businessmen participated in the event.

Throughout the international new round of medical science and technology technology revolution is being nurtured and emerging, facing the people’s growing demand for medical and health care in the new stage of development, facing the new tasks and requirements put forward by the development of medical equipment, facing the new situation and challenges brought about by the profound changes in the international development environment, must enhance the sense of opportunity and risk and insist on self-reliance and self-improvement, efforts to break through technical equipment bottlenecks, accelerate to make up for the short board of high-end medical equipment, actively promoting high-quality industrial development, ten departments of our government put forward the “ ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ for the development of medical equipment industry”, in order to better meet the growing medical and health care needs of the people, promoting high-quality development of medical equipment industry, realize a safe and controllable industrial chain.

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Favorable environment for business growth, resulting in more intense market competition, how to utilize faster and more efficient technical services to provide users with high-quality solutions, how to use high-tech, high-quality products so that domestic brands in the smoke filled market battle to take the initiative, this is the Longvon Technology in-depth thinking about the problem, but also the entire domestic industry must be in-depth thinking about the problem.

At this exhibition, we exhibited the smart ring, which was bred for home healthcare, in the field of health, this smart ring is certainly an important breakthrough. The ring not only monitors sleep, body temperature, steps, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, heart rate and other data, but also provides professional health reports and initial screening for OSAHS(obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome).

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First of all, from the appearance point of view, this smart ring is beautifully designed, simple and generous. The delicate touch and metallic texture make the wearer feel the combination of technology and aesthetics at all times.

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Secondly, compared to traditional bracelets and watches, the PPG (photoplethysmography) signal can be measured in any part of the body where there is blood flow, and the signal is of best quality in three areas: earlobes, fingertips, and fingertips. Therefore, the ring form factor device is more in line with the need for accuracy than a wristwatch bracelet. The smart ring uses advanced sensing technology to accurately monitor the user’s sleep quality, including key data such as time to fall asleep, deep sleep and Number of awakenings. This not only helps users to understand their own sleep status, but also can detect potential sleep problems in time and provide corresponding suggestions, so that users can have a healthier sleep.

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The exhibition lasted 4 days, the exhibition stand attracted numerous exhibitors, the staff has been communicating with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and seriousness. The exhibitors at the meeting showed deep intention to cooperate after having some understanding.

Longvon Technology will use a more mature and professional attitude, responding to the development needs of “big health”, for people with OSAHS, accelerating the cultivation of product and equipment ecosystems, to promote the extension and expansion of medical services from in-hospital diagnosis and treatment to pre-hospital family health management, inter-hospital resource sharing and post-hospital rehabilitation in the direction of continuity of service, continuously improve the ability to provide comprehensive life-cycle medical and health services to the people.

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Post time: 04-20-2023