M1 Kids Activity Tracker : Grow Up Healthily

There are studies suggesting school-age children should walk upwards of 11,000 to 15,000 steps per day. However, it has been long established that kids should engage in active, outdoor play for an hour each day, says Dr. Jack Maypole, an education advisory board member at The Goddard School, a national preschool franchise.

Fitness trackers for kids can help teach school-age children good exercise habits, especially in those who tend to be more sedentary, says Dr. Lisa Lewis, a board-certified pediatrician in Fort Worth, Texas. You might not think that a kid needs to track that activity (or the motivation to move around at all), but in a relatively sedentary society, making movement a priority from a young age is still vital.

Committed to children's daily exercise and healthy growth, Longvon Technology has launched a new smart wearable device, the M1 Activity Tracker. It encourage movement and activity in a way that feels rewarding and fun. It’s not always easy to get kids to meet physical activity guidelines, sometimes we all need an external motivator to reframe exercise in more playful terms. 

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Using this M1 activity tracker, parents can set sports goals for their children, such as the number of steps or activity time. When children reach their goals, the wristband screen will display a reminder of the achievement of the goal, to celebrate the kids. Gamify the process of developing healthy and good living habits. Parents can also give their child some rewards for completing tasks, those rewards can be a great motivator to get outside and get moving.

The M1 bracelet tracks all common fitness and health metrics on the display, such as steps, energy consumption, sports distance, and more. On weekends, parents can have a sports PK with their children to increase parent-child interaction, stimulate children's sports fun, and let sports accompany children to grow up healthily.

The bracelet can also record data for 8 different sports modes, including walking, running, skipping, cycling, ping-pong, badminton, tennis and mountaineering. Let the child choose, improve sports enthusiasm. It can automatically record the data of the child during exercise in real time, turn the exercise into the child's daily activity, and let the child grow up healthily. 


In addition to cultivating exercise habits, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring, smart reminder functions, including alarm clock reminders, drinking water reminders, sedentary reminders. These functions also focus on the healthy growth of the child. 

In terms of appearance, there are 10 built-in dials and a rich dial market, and colorful wristbands can be matched as kids like, which is full of childlike fun. 


In general, the M1 activity tracker launched by Longvon Technology contains functions that focus on children's sports and health, hoping to help children develop good living habits from an early age and grow better and healthier.

Post time: 07-18-2022