M6 Fitness Tracker Detailed Introduction

M6 model is one of the best selling smart wearable devices, cumulative sales reach 5 MILLION pieces in total. It got a rectangular shape with a 0.96-inch IPS single touch screen and is equipped with many features. Below we will introduce its features to you in detail.

We can call it a sports smart bracelet, for it can track the data of 18 different sports modes. Those 18 sports are include indoor running, golf, tennis, dancing, soccer, hiking, football, swimming, basketball, walking, roller skating, indoor cycling, weightlifting, cycling, fitness, badminton, running and yoga.


About M6 fitness tracker’s health monitoring function, we can introduce it from 4 parts, sleep monitor, heart rate & blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, women menstrual period reminder.

Sleep Monitor : This model accurately record the length of sleep, scientifically analyze sleep conditions, and judge deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement, and wakefulness based on changes in heart rate. Provide scientific advice to help you develop regular sleeping habits.

Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor : Built-in highly sensitive exercise and heart rate blood pressure sensor, monitor and record various heart rate indicators and blood pressure conditions at all times, you can plan your exercise properly.


Blood Oxygen Monitor : In-depth understanding of physical conditions. Blood Oxygen saturation is one of the basic signs to measure human health. Through the light path design and multi-light source fusion, professional algorithm blessing allows you to accurately measure blood oxygen anytime and anywhere, and fully understand your own health.

Women Menstrual Period Reminder : Cycle calendar reminder, so that women’s menstrual cycle phase are clear at a glance. Scientific cycle records, intimate reminders of menstrual period, safe period, ovulation period and pregnancy period. This fitness tracker stay with you and care for you when you need it.

M6 fitness tracker also have sedentary reminder function and drink water reminder function. Better focus also need moderate relaxation. When you’re sitting for a longtime, the bracelet will vibrate slightly, remind you to get up and take a walk, get a better physical condition.

More functions like information reminder, remote camera, breath training, weather forecast, alarm clock, and others.

Generally speaking, this M6 fitness tracker contains most the functions of smart wearable devices, and you can get 1 with a very good price. Any further questions just feel free to contact us.

Post time: 09-09-2022