MATEYOU RING 智能健康戒指, 为您的睡眠保驾护航


In the concept of the older generation, snoring is a very normal thing, often said that ”too tired ! “, ”good sleep quality performance”, etc., However, the truth is that snoring  is sometimes a symptom of a disease, and it is not a sign of good quality  sleep.






Osahs is also known as sleep

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS),which usually refers to the recurrence of apnea and hypopnea more than 30 times or sleep apnea hypopnea index of ≥5 times/hour during 7 hours of sleep per night. Repeated hypoxia is easy to combine with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, etc., which seriously endangers human health. And it isalso one of the common clinical diseases. According to the 2010 Chinese Journal of Lung Diseases, the incidence rate of SAS in adults in China is about 4% to 7%, and the incidence rate in men is higher than that in women. The incidence rate increases with age.

If someone close to you is sufferingfrom this condition, be careful !

  现在有一款可是随时监测睡眠状态的戒指出现了。现在,龙汾科技的安睡系列又迎来一款重量级选手——MATEYOU RING。在具备智能戒指易戴、便利监测特性的同时,更通过前沿技术,实现了低功耗的可持续多指标监测,让健康数值更为全面、准确。

Now there is a ring that can monitor sleep status at any time. Longvon Technology’s “Soundly Sleep” series welcome a new heavyweights – MATEYOU RING, a smart ring which has the characteristics of easy to wear and easy to monitor, and at the same time, through the cutting-edge technology, it realizes the sustainable multi-indicator monitoring of low-power consumption, so that the health value is more comprehensive and accurate.

       MATEYOU RING戒指创立的初心是“让健康科技化、满足数字化、简便化测量“,因此MATEYOU RING戒指在健康监测方面则最为专注。首先,在基础健康监测方面,MATEYOU RING戒指所支持的基础生理指标监测包括心率、血氧饱和度、心率变异性Heart Rate VariabilityHRV)三项,种类数量在智能戒指中属于主流水准。不过,心率、血氧和 HRV 的监测都属全天候自动监测,且监测的频率会较高,相较一些低频、且在特定时间段监测的戒指竞品,MATEYOU的数据则会更为完善全面,也更具参考性。

MATEYOU ring was created with the intention of “making health technicalization, fulfill digitalization and simplified measurement”, so MATEYOU ring is concentrated on health monitoring. First of all, in terms of basic health monitoring, MATEYOU ring supports three basic physiological indicators, which includes heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate variability (HRV), which are at the mainstream level among smart rings. However, the monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen and HRV are all 7/24 auto-monitoring, and the frequency of monitoring will be higher, compared with some other ring competitors, just low-frequency monitoring, and just in a specific period of time to do the monitoring. MATEYOU ring’s data will be more complete and comprehensive, but also more referential.


       进阶健康检测方面,MATEYOU rRING则具备睡眠监测和阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停监测两方面功能。MATEYOU RING智能戒指的睡眠测算十分完善,App会给出夜间睡眠的深睡、浅睡占比、快速眼动、清醒时间等各项数据;阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停监测功能可以通过监测体动、血氧、脉率帮助用户真正了解自身的睡眠状态,每日为用户提供健康报告,指导用户健康生活。

In terms of advanced health testing, MATEYOU RING is equipped with both sleep monitoring and obstructive sleep apnea monitoring functions. The sleep measurement of MATEYOU RING smart ring is very perfect, and the app will give various data such as the percentage of deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement, awake time, etc. of night sleep; and the obstructive sleep apnea monitoring function can help the user truly understand their own sleep status through the monitoring of body movement, blood oxygen and pulse rate. Obstructive sleep apnea monitoring function can help users really understand their own sleep status by monitoring body movement, blood oxygen and pulse rate, and provide users with daily health reports to guide them to live a healthy life.


      总的来说,MATEYOU RING在健康、运动监测的表现确实展现出了其出众的能力,虽由于戒指形态限制,能监测的基础指标依然较为有限,但进阶的算法、软件支持则让在健康体验上位于智能戒指的第一梯队。

Overall, the performance of MATEYOU RING in health, sports monitoring does show its outstanding ability, although due to the ring form limitations, can monitor the basic indicators are still relatively limited, but the advanced algorithms, software support makes in the health experience is located in the first echelon of the smart ring.

Post time: 12-11-2023