NFC smart heart rate bracelet APP function requirements plan


Nowadays, many people will find it troublesome and heavy to bring anything other than mobile phones when going out in the society, but if it is something that is small to wear on the hand, such as a smart bracelet smart watch, it will not hinder people's activities, nor will it. More people are willing to wear items that increase their burden when they go out. After all, devices such as smart bracelets are simple and have a lot of functionality. While improving the quality of life, they also have beautiful visual effects; in this era when smart bracelet devices are becoming more popular, the smart heart rate NFC bracelet APP is developed It also has a broad market, so let's understand the market of smart heart rate NFC bracelet and its functional requirements and so on. 

A. Market analysis of developing smart heart rate NFC bracelet APP

In recent years, wearable smart products are no longer just in the conceptual stage, and many physical products have officially launched on the market. Among them, smart bracelets are one of the fastest growing wearable products. Due to its own performance, convenience and wearability, it has gradually become a health necessity with functions such as monitoring exercise and sleep, and its market share is getting higher and higher. This is also the current development of the smart heart rate NFC bracelet APP. one of the reasons. Functional breakdown can better touch the pain points and needs of users for this smart product. At the beginning, the bracelet is generally only used to detect steps and calorie consumption. However, as consumer demand continues to increase, the requirements for smart devices and the use of devices are gradually increasing. The development of the smart heart rate NFC bracelet APP has brought more novel experiences to users, allowing users to experience better health management and life travel. Related reading: Smart heart rate bracelet solution.

B. Smart heart rate NFC bracelet APP function and usage

1. device online connection function
The user needs to connect to the smart phone terminal for the use of the smart device, which can be connected on the online platform.
2. NFC card activation and use
The NFC card carried by the smart bracelet can be activated on the APP client to use it, and it is widely used in the area where you usually take the bus, subway, and so on.
3. heart rate test function
A variety of tests are carried out through the smart bracelet, and the data results can be exported and displayed on the APP client. 
4. Equipment fault feedback
When the equipment fails, the user is first notified so that the user can formulate a countermeasure.

Post time: 11-23-2021