The H10 smart watch test result

The H10 smart watch is aimed at people who pursue fashion and sports health needs. It was launched by Longvon Technology at the end of last year. Although the sports functions are not as good as some well-known brands on the market, those well-known brands do not have deep integration of WeChat reminders, call functions, etc., and the price is more than doubled.


The outer packaging is a white square box with simple black lines on it, which feels very classy and textured.


Open the box, the watch is buckled on the foam, fixed above the inner box, there is a manual inside, and a buckle charging stand.


I am quite satisfied with the appearance of the H10 watch. The zinc alloy case has a very high-grade metal texture; the silver rubber strap is simple and elegant, and the lock and surface are frosted, which is easy to take care of and not easy to leave fingerprints.


The screen size is 1.54 inches, a square full touch screen with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels. There is only one button on the entire watch. According to the description in the manual, it is the control button to return to the home page. The button position is placed on the right side of the watch, which is the position of the time adjustment knob of the traditional watch.


Detachable strap

The strap of the Longvon Technology H10 smart watch can also be replaced. Whether the owner likes the freshness or the natural wear and tear of the strap, you can change it if you want. If you replace it with a leather strap, it will immediately turn into a formal watch.


In operation

First of all, there is a QR code on the manual, and the mobile phone can scan the QR code to download the APP.

After the APP and the watch are paired with Bluetooth, the watch can be used normally.


Dial wallpaper customization function.

Swipe left and right to freely choose your favorite dial wallpaper to use.


Raise your hand to automatically light up the watch, but in order to save power, it will not be always on, and the interface will display the call, date, steps, heart rate, etc. Entering the main interface is the dial interface associated with the mobile phone, phone book, call history, step counting, heart rate, WeChat, blood pressure, QQ, exercise, physical training, Bluetooth music, reminder assistant, recording, alarm clock, calendar, weather, remote camera, sedentary reminder, find mobile phone and other options.


When a new notification is received, the watch will remind by vibrating and ringing. Through the APP, you can choose the application that needs to be pushed to the watch, so that you can not miss important notifications, save the power consumption of the watch, and block the harassment of some spam information.


The exercise feature really caught my eye. Several most commonly used exercise data: 1. Step count data 2. Exercise time 3. Standing time. Most of the time, it’s not that we don’t want to go to the gym, but that we don’t have a whole block of time, such as an hour dedicated to fitness. If we can use the fragmented time to exercise, the health promotion will definitely not be underestimated! There are also special settings for your height, weight, and goals. It's like having a guy working out with you.


Dial to make a call:

After the watch is connected to the mobile phone, the call history and phone book can be automatically updated, and the watch can also make calls independently. This function is particularly important when the mobile phone is inconvenient to use. Among the smart watches at this price, the sound quality of this watch should be said to be top-quality. , the sound is clear and true, the speaker is a 3-magnetic speaker, enough for daily use.


Real-time heart rate monitor experience:

Longvon Technology's H10 smart watch’s heart rate monitoring uses LED photoelectric monitoring, which is the element that looks like a mobile phone flash in the center of the back of the dial in the photo below.


Battery standby time and charging speed:

This H10 smart watch is equipped with a 150 mAh battery, which turns off all unnecessary mobile phone push notifications, such as news APP pushes, e-commerce APP pushes, and only keeps WeChat, phone calls, SMS reminders and heart rate monitoring. The battery life can last about a day and a night.

Under typical usage conditions, it is fully charged at night, taken out in the morning, used for a normal day, returned home from get off work, exercised for 40 minutes, and taken off the watch at 11:00 p.m., and generally still has 30% of the battery.

The wireless charging of the watch can be fully charged in an average of one and a half hours, and the charging speed is quite fast!


In conclusion

In general, after using it, I feel that this H10 smart watch is more suitable for sports and fitness and daily wear among the smart watches on the market. In terms of functional use, it is suitable for lightweight running. It is especially suitable for ordinary sports enthusiasts who exercise about half an hour a day and exercise no more than 5 hours a week.

There are three main advantages:

1、Stylish appearance, zinc alloy case, full touch screen operation, and fine workmanship of the rubber strap.

2、Smartwatches can interact when it's inconvenient to take out your phone. This smartwatch is very functional. For example, mobile phone Bluetooth calls, WeChat, QQ, SMS message viewing and direct voice reply meet daily needs and are more useful than sports watches that can only watch the time and monitor sports data.

3、Exercise is the equivalent of having a personal fitness trainer. This smart watch is very suitable for daily running and physical training. It uses real-time heart rate data and sports science theory for guidance, so that ordinary users who do not know how to exercise can also exercise scientifically and effectively according to the prompts.

In use, I also found that H10 still has some areas that I hope to improve:

The battery life of less than 2 days is too short. Although battery life is the common weakness of all smartwatch products, whoever makes a breakthrough first will win the future market, hoping to achieve a battery life of about a week.

Post time: 03-10-2022