What Activity Tracker is Best for Your Kids

Are you looking for a better way to interact with your childen?

Their childhood needs a good product to make the life simple, happy and convenient.

Recently we launched a new kids activity tracker for children aged 3-12.


Children need to develop good living habits from an early age. They can set alarm clocks, drink water, sedentary reminders, and all functions can be set and operated in the APP.

There are a lot of cartoon and fashion dials to choose from, and they can set on the home page to be their favorite cover background.

8 multi-sport modes suitable for children, let them develop the habit of exercise and grow up healthily.

The color of the strap with two-color matching, colorful colors are available, and also customize their favorite colors.

Two kinds of packages are available, single pack and specials pack package.

Post time: 07-29-2022