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Provide API, SDK docking and customization services, ID\MD customization services, mold development services, and software and hardware customized development

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API/SDK Connect and Customize

Develop API interface and technical support
SDK docking and customization service

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ID/MD Design

ID Design
Define Product Functions
MD Design
The Standard of PCBA board

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Mould Development

PCBA Board Manufacture and Placement
PCBA Board Test

Product Function Development

Product Function Development
Hardware Operation Interface Development
Smart Algorithm Development
MCU Software Development


Social Distance Sensing Bracelet

        Social distance sensing bracelet is a ranging Bracelet based on the latest ultra-low power IoT technology. It is committed to solving the temperature and social distance monitoring of people returning to work, returning to school, nursing homes and hospitals. With automatic temperature monitoring, social distance sensing alarm. Provide users with safer, more convenient and more efficient health management solutions.
        The ranging error of the system can reach 1m. Through accurate ranging and early warning, it can effectively prevent close contact between personnel and realize personnel contact tracking. In specific applications, each worker wears a ranging and positioning bracelet. The social distance alarm bracelet will measure the relative distance between the two in real time. If the distance between the two is less than 2m, the bracelet will alarm automatically.

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Close Range Alarm

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Real-time Body Temperature Measurement

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Smart Health Monitoring

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Exercise Data Monitoring


1st Generation Infant Health Monitoring Foot Ring

        The first generation infant health monitoring foot ring adopts the design of food grade silicone watch band + plastic body. The device is equipped with 4 sets of smart anti-theft system (24h electronic fence alarm, face recognition access control system, anti-cutting and anti-disassembly design, accurate matching of personnel based on NFC) and 4 sets of health monitoring system (heart rate monitoring, calorie recording, sleep monitoring, smart medical record).

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4 Sets of Health Monitoring System

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24-hour Electronic Fence Alarm

资源 13

Anti-cutting and Anti-disassembly Design

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Face Recognition Access Control System

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Accurate Matching of Personnel Based on NFC


2nd Generation Infant Health Monitoring Bracelet

        The second generation infant health monitoring bracelet is specially developed for infants aged 0-5 years. The product is mainly used in infant monitoring, key patients and specific scenes. The product has the functions of real-time monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen, abnormal data alarm, 24-hour electronic fence alarm, data storage and so on. The device will record the infant data in real time and upload it to the cloud platform, so that parents and institutions can grasp the specific situation of the wearing population more conveniently and timely, and provide safer health monitoring 

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24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring

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24-hour Blood Oxygen Monitoring

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Abnormal Data Alarm

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Synchronous display of child and parent device


Sports Fan Interactive Bracelet

        We have developed two fan interactive bracelets for the sports club, one football fan interactive bracelet and one basketball fan interactive bracelet. When  score goals while watching the game, the device will trigger a goal reminder. The device can also receive system message reminder and voting messages, and fans can vote directly on the device.

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Time Display

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Score Goals Remind

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Message Push

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Wave Arm to Wake


Outdoor Skiing Watch

        The outdoor skiing watch is designed for skiing enthusiasts. The watch can monitor the altitude and ambient temperature in real time. When users encounter danger in the skiing process, they can directly press the emergency button of the watch to dial the emergency call. The watch has a timing function to record the skiing time. The strap is made by Velcro, which can adapt to different skiing gloves.

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Altitude monitoring

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Ambient Temperature Monitoring

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Emergency Call Out

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Bluetooth Call


CC1310 Hotel Management Bracelet

        The device is designed for hotel management. When the device receives a task request, you can click to add it to "my task". The added tasks can be viewed on my task page. After the task is completed, you can click to complete it directly. The main interface of the bracelet can view my tasks, my applications and the number of completed tasks, and refresh the data according to the business hours every day.

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Receive Task

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Add My Tasks

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View My Task

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View Completed Task

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To Do List

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Task Catagory


ECG Smart Watch

        The new electrode ECG sensor combines ECG + PPG to test ECG. After ECG measurement, the health report is automatically generated. The measurement data can be stored in the cloud in a large amount, which is convenient to access and view at any time.
6 key indexes of ECG detection: heart rate variability (HRV), fatigue, mental stress, physical and mental load, heart strength and ECG abnormality analysis.

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ECG Monitoring

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Smart Health Monitoring

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Off-line Measurement

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Sleep Monitoring

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Various Exercise Mode