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A true engineering breakthrough

MATEYOU Ring is smart ring which crams a bunch of sensors into a classy ring design with health measurement technology and artificial intelligent algorithms to empower people to understand their health.
We combine advanced wearable technology in the MATEYOU Ring with an user-friendly mobile app, to monitor your body temperature, heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen saturation, and steps.



During a night of sleep, your body cycles through four stages of sleep. The first three stages are called Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep and the final stage is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Each stage is associated with a different depth of sleep as well as specific patterns in brain waves and muscle activity in the body.

Researchers suspect that paralysis during this sleep stage keeps you from acting out your dreams in bed. Most dreams take place during REM sleep. There are four stages of sleep, based on how active your brain is. The first two stages are "light sleep". Stage three is “deep sleep,” when your brain waves slow down and it’s harder for you to wake up. During these periods, your body repairs tissues, works on growth and development, boosts your immune system, and builds up energy for the next day.


Tracking your Sleep with MATEYOU Ring

With the sleep on MATEYOU Ring, Wear your ring to bed, and MATEYOU Ring can estimate the time you spent in each sleep stage - Deep Sleep Ratio and Light Sleep Ratio, workout in percentage %, Number of awakenings, workouts in digits (ie. 2 times) and Total sleep, workouts in hours-minute (ie. 6H30Min).

When you wake up, open the Sleep to learn how much sleep you got and see your Sleep trends over the the past every days. 



Tracking daily Steps with MATEYOU Ring

With the Steps on your MATEYOU Ring keeps track of your movement throughout the day and encourages you to meet your Sport goals. You can set your sport goal (ie. 8000 steps/day) with number of steps, the total Distance in km (ie. kilometers) and total Calories in kcal (ie. Kilocalories).


To see your Steps over a longer period of time, open the MATEYOU App on your mobile phone, tap Health, browse tap Steps, Tap DAY, WEEK, MONTH, or YEAR for your Steps record.

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Heart Rate

A normal heart rate for adults is typically 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM). A heart rate that is slower than 60 beats per minute is considered bradycardia ("slow heart") and a rate that is faster than 100 beats per minutes is termed tachycardia ("fast heart"). An ideal resting heart rate is closer to 50 to 70 beats per minute. It's important to recognize that a healthy heart rate will vary depending on the situation. By monitoring your heart rate, you can help track trends and patterns that are personal to you.

Heart Rate-1

Checking your heart rate with MATEYOU Ring

Your heart rate is an important way to check how your body is doing. You can check your heart rate during a workout; see your resting, walking, workout, and post-workout heart rates; or take a new reading at any time.

Open the MATEYOU App on your mobile phone, browse tap Heart rate to view your Max heart rate (Maximum heart rate), Min heart rate (Minimum heart rate) and Avg Heart rate (Average heart rate). The heart rate checking unit is bpm (ie. beat per minute). Your Mateyou Ring continues checking your heart rate as long as you are wearing it. 

Heart Rate-2

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Blood oxygen saturation level refers to the percentage of a person’s red blood cells that are loaded or filled with oxygen. Oxygen is carried by the red blood cells to organs, such as the brain and the heart.

If the blood oxygen level is too low, not enough oxygen is carried to the organs. Without an adequate blood oxygen level, the body cannot function normally.

People may have low levels of blood oxygen because of malfunction in the lungs or the heart. Normally, the heart pumps deoxygenated blood into the lungs, where a gas exchange takes place, switching carbon dioxide, a waste product, for fresh oxygen. At each pass, a few red blood cells will miss the exchange, but a blood oxygen level test should show 95% to close to 100% of the cells getting new oxygen and providing the cells with enough to function.


Checking your Blood Oxygen Saturation with MATEYOU Ring

Checking your Blood Oxygen Saturation with MATEYOU Ring
Use the MATEYOU App to check the percentage of oxygen, your red blood cells carry from your lungs to the rest of the body. Knowing how well oxygenated your blood is can help you understand your overall health and wellness.

View your Blood Oxygen Saturation history
1. Open your MATEYOU App on your mobile phone.
2. Browsing the MATEYOU Appto the Blood oxygen saturation, Tap the DAY, WEEK, MONTH and YEAR to view your Blood oxygen saturation history


Body Temperature

Skin & Body Temperature

Two temperatures are important in the human body - core temperature and skin temperature. Core temperature is the temperature of the brain and inner body and this temperature extends to about 2cm beneath the body’s surface. Skin temperature is the temperature at the skin’s surface.

MATEYOU Ring is one of the few ring wearable that checks body Temperature directly from your skin. At night time, your skin temperature is closely related to your internal temperature and does not require an invasive thermometer to read which allows for continuous checking each night.

MATEYOU Ring checks your skin and body temperature with Sensors that can detect changes as small as 0.1 degree celsius.

Body temperature

Sleep Body Temperature Variations

MATEYOU Ring shows your Sleep Body Temperature Variations in relation to personal baseline.For example, instead of display your temperature as an absolute value like 37.5°C (=99.5 F), MATEYOU will show how much higher or lower your temperature than your baseline temperature ( e.g. +0.5°C ).

The Daily view focuses on short-term, daily Sleep Body Temperature Variations and is ideal for spotting something abnormal to alert you, so you can start prioritizing rest and recovery.

sleep body temperatura variations

NFC charging

MATEYOU Ring uses NFC charging .Alignment the Charging Mark on the ring with the Charging Mark on the charging dock for proper ring charging.

The NFC Charging Mark on the ring and the Charging Mark on the charging dock must be aligned and positioned correctly. Otherwise. It will not charge and cause scratch to the ring.

When the ring is aligned and positioned correctly on the charging dock, the white light will pulse while charging and solid when fully charged. 

NFC Charging

How to wear MATEYOU Ring?

For the best performance and accuracy, we recommend wearing your MATEYOU Ring on your index finger. If you’d prefer another, the middle and ring fingers can work as well. Avoid fingers where the base is narrower than the knuckle.

The sensor bumps inside your MATEYOU Ring should be on the palm side of your finger. The MATEYOU Ring should fit securely and comfortably around your finger’s base.

Health lab on your finger
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